"The Family that Kicks Together, Sticks Together!"
              Sr. Master James Taylor and Rebecca Taylor, Life Skills Educators
"Our mission statement is to provide a family like atmosphere, teaching life skills, motivation, and awareness.  To nurture self confidence, discipline and respect, so the students may accomplish their goals and become tomorrow's leaders."

Woodville Studio-                                 Columbus Grove Studio-
  Tae Kwon Do                                           Tae Kwon Do
  Tae Kwon Kid                                             Tae Kwon Kid
  Hapkido                                                   Hapkido
  Tumbling / Cheer                                      
  Dance - Tap, Ballet, Pointe,
Jazz & Lyrical 
H20 Tae Kwon Do classes are available at the Sandusky County YMCA (Fremont)  and the Putnam County YMCA (Ottawa)             
   Available For:   Martial Arts Demonstrations  - Tumbling / Cheer / Dance Entertainment                                                          
   Specialty Programs include:  Child Safety Awareness, Ladies' Self Defense, and
Weapons Seminar