MONDAYS:    5 Week Session    April 22-29 May 6-13-20
5:15-6:00pm - Just Tumbling (ages 5 & up)
6:00-6:45pm - HIP HOP & Jazz Tech (grades 4-8th)
6:45-7:15pm - Ballet Technique (grades 4-8th)
7:15-8:00pm - Intro Tae Kwon Do (ages 7-11)
8:00-9:00pm - High School/Adult Tae Kwon Do 
9:00-9:30pm - High School/Adult Hapkido

TUESDAYS:   6 Week Session    April 23-30  May 7-14-21-28
5:15-6:00pm - Just Tumbling (must be able to do a backbend)
6:00-6:30pm - Dance Tech
6:30-7:30pm - Power Tumbling
7:30-8:15pm - Just Tumbling (ages 9-13/all levels)   No class on May 7th

9:00-10:00am - Home School Tae Kwon Do

4:30-5:15pm - Color Belts
5:15-5:45pm - Tae Kwon Kid (ages 5-6)
5:45-6:30pm - Intro Tae Kwon Do (ages 7-11)
6:30-7:15pm - Yellow to Green Belt
7:15-8:00pm - Blue Stripe to Black Stripe
8:00-9:00pm - High School/Adult Tae Kwon Do

THURSDAYS: 5 Week Session  May 2-9-16-23-30
5:15-6:00pm - Discover Dance (ages 7-10)
6:00-6:45pm - Princess Dance Party (ages 4-6)

7:00-8:30pm - Dance - Senior Troupe  (April 18-25 May 2-9-16-23-30)

4:30-5:00pm - Tae Kwon Kid (ages 5-6)
5:00-5:45pm - Intro Tae Kwon Do (ages 7-11)
5:45-6:30pm - Color Belts

COLUMBUS GROVE STUDIO:                          
5:30-6:00pm - Tae Kwon Kid (ages 5-6)
6:00-7:00pm - Intro Tae Kwon Do (ages 7-11)
7:00-8:00pm - Color Belts
8:00-9:00pm - High School Tae Kwon Do

Classes will resume in the fall.

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Important Updates

Spring Dance & Tumbling
Classes will begin April 22

Master Taylor at  419-704-4407 or
e-mail us at: mastertaylortkd@aol.com 
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Taylor's Woodville studio is located at 
121 E. Main in Downtown Woodville.
The Main Entrance is in back of the building. Please park in Village Parking Lot located off of College Ave/Walnut Street.