Hapkido or HKD is a Korean Martial Art whose roots extend back many centuries.  Modern day HKD was developed by Choi Yong Sool after World War II ended the Japanese occupation fo Korea.
Hapkido, translated into English means: "Way of the coordinationg Power." HKD is famous for its joint locks, throws and immobilization of opponents with minimal strength or effort.  HKD is known as a soft style because of its circular blocks, traps and strikes to major muscles, nerves, tendons and arteries.  It also utilizes the cane and stick for self protection, as well as teaching weapons self-defense.
Kali, also known as Escrima or Arnis, is a Philippine Martial Art developed by Native Filipino Warriors known as The Moros or Igorots to defend their Islands from invading forces.  In the late fifteen hundreds the Spaniards invaded and eventually conquered the Philippines.  But not after suffering heavy casualties from blade wielding Filipino Warriors.  The Spanish outlawed bladed weapons and so the Filiopinos created folk dances using wooden sticks to mimic the motions of the bladed weapons.
The primary weapons taught in the Marcial Tirada Kali System are single and double stick, knife and stick & dagger.  This style is from the Pangasinan region of the Philippines were Pungong Guro Tony Marcial was raised.
Because of the extra care needed when working with weapons and joint locking techniques used in both Hapkido and Kali, the beginning age for this class is fourteen years of age and older for both men and women.
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